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Vehicles in Australia

Discussion in 'Preserved Military Vehicle Registry Project' started by Ricky, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Ricky

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    May 10, 2004
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    Luton, UK
    via TanksinWW2
    RAAC Museum, Puckapunyal, Victoria

    AEC Armoured Command Vehicle
    Armoured Car T 17E1 Staghound
    Australian Cruiser Tank Mk I "Sentinel"
    Cruiser Tank Mk V (A13) (Covenanter) Bridgelayer
    Cruiser Tank Mk VI Crusader I (A15)
    Cruiser Tank Mk VIII, Cromwell I (A27M)
    Dingo Scout Car
    GS 1-ton Tracked Truck
    Half Track M3 (Israeli Modified)
    Landing Vehicle Tracked Mk4 Buffalo
    Landing Vehicle Tracked Mk A4 Alligator
    Light Armoured Car (Aust) ‘Rover’ Mk II
    Light Tank M3A1 Stuart
    Light Tank M24 Chaffee
    Light Tank Mk VI
    Lloyd Carrier
    Infantry Tank Mk II - Matilda IV
    Infantry Tank Mk IIA - Matilda Close Support
    Infantry Tank Mk II- Matilda Frog Flamethrower
    Infantry Tank Mk II- Matilda Dozer No. 3 Mk I
    Infantry Tank Mk II- Matilda Hedgehog
    Infantry Tank Mk IV- Churchill Mk VII
    Infantry Tank Mk IV- Churchill Mk VIII Crocodile Flamethrower
    Lynx Scout Car Mk I
    Medium Tank M3A5 Grant
    Medium Tank M3A5 Grant (Dozer)
    Medium Tank M3 Grant (BARV)
    Medium Tank M4 Sherman
    Medium Tank M4A2 Sherman
    Scout Car M3A1 ‘White’
    Type 97 Te-Ke Tankette
    Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank Shinhoto
    Vickers Medium Tank Mk II special
    White Armoured Observation Post Truck M3A1
    Universal Carrier (Carrier, MG (Aust) LP1)
    Universal Carrier (Carrier, MG (Aust) No2)
    Universal Carrier (Tank Destroyer version with 2pdr gun)

    Australian Mar Memorial, Canberra, ACT

    Australian Cruiser Tank Mk III
    T-34/85 Model 1945

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