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WW2 Era Letter written by German Soldier in Military Hospital. He would die in a Soviet POW Camp

Discussion in 'Photographs and Documents' started by Heartfeltzero, Jun 18, 2023.

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    This letter was written by a Friedrich Büchele. He was born on October 15th 1908 in Bönnigheim. During the war he served with the Field Training Regiment 640 within the 388th Field Training Division. When this letter was written, the division was fighting hard positional battles with Army Group North in Russia. A rough translation of the letter reads:

    “In the hospital, December 6th 1943

    Dear Nogg!,

    Just a moment ago you were with me and now I sit alone again on my bed and think of you! To finally see you after all this time was a feeling I can’t describe in words! It may sound strange but I am glad that I was wounded in Russia, because that gave me the opportunity to come back to the Reich and see you! If only every wound was so pleasant, I would gladly let myself be shot again! No joking aside! The way from the wound to here was already very painful and exhausting! Now it’s time to get well and return to the front as soon as possible! But how long that will take is written in the stars.

    Dear Nogg, I hope you get home safely! I would have preferred if Franz had driven you by car. The danger of a low flying attack on the train is just too great. So I don’t even know if you will get home safely. I trust in God Almighty! My dear Nogg, I am looking forward to your next visit, maybe next time you will bring our little Walter! Many thousands of greetings and kisses, your Nogg. “

    Less than a year later on November 20th 1944, Friedrich would die in a Soviet POW camp in Krasnodar. He likely died from disease, starvation or a recent wound.
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    c’est la guerre

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