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2nd Raiding Regiment At Palembang

Discussion in 'Japanese WWII Uniforms and Equipment' started by Jim, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Sumatra; February 14, 1942

    Paratroopers of 1st Company fight their way off the DZ near Aerodrome P1; this group are more fortunate than others in that they have recovered a weapons container. #1 has discarded his harness, reserve pack and smock, revealing his Type 98 (1938) summer cotton field uniform and personal equipment; he is still armed only with his Nambu Taisho Type 14 pistol. #2, who has put his belt equipment over his smock, is pulling Type 97 HE hand grenades from a haversack. #3 is opening a 50kg Type 3 cargo container holding rifles, cushioned with cotton bags.


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