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Banneville Cemetery

Discussion in 'Banneville War Cemetery' started by Jim, Aug 21, 2010.

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    2,175 graves: 2,150 British, 11 Canadian, 5 Australian, 2 New Zealanders, 5 Polish, 2 unknown ​


    Situated outside the village, near the R.N. 175 the cemetery lies on the edge of a small wood. Once through the small gate the scent of flowers twists and turns between the two beds leading to the Grave-stones. A tiny chapel, the only building, houses the registers and the account of the Battle of Normandy. Pergolas support climbing Hydrangeas, Honeysuckle and Wistaria. Most of the soldiers buried at Banneville were killed in the second week of July following the liberation of Caen and in the course of Operation Goodwood. Men who fell in action that followed, culminating in the closure of the Falaise Gap and the German withdrawal during the last week of August 1944, are also buried here.


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