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Bulgarian Uniform Wanted

Discussion in 'WWII General' started by BugBoyEric, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Apr 14, 2019
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    I want to get into Reenacting and i want to be something i have not seen single person with (Apart form in pictures). I want a WW2 Bulgarian uniform. I think it looks really cool, But i cant find any, The closest was an Original Infantry cap from Bulgaria, but the price was bad and the shipping was even worse. The helmets are suprisingly common though, but they are the post war models. If anyone knows any shop or retailer that sells Repro Bulgarian gear, That would be smashing. I would want it preferably to be within the UK or Mainland Europe. Ordering it from China Wouldn't be preferable but i may take it nothing else surfaces. I am mainly looking for the Helmet (The M36 version A), The Jacket or Tunic, and the trousers. The boots i can use German Jackboots, I've got the Canteen And i rest i can source by myself. The Belt and Mag pouches are one item and I've seen originals on sale before.
    My budget or what i'm willing to spend is up too and around £300 or $390.

    Thank you

    Here are some reference images of repro Bulgarian gear:

    I found a Bulgarian officers Jacket but its way out of my price range, Around 450 pounds or 588 Dollars

    Update 2:
    I found a full set of Bulgarian officers uniform, But its way out of my price range at £957 or $1225. It does look good though.
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