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Hearts of Iron 3 TFH Current Campaign

Discussion in 'Hearts of Iron' started by Hufflepuff, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Hufflepuff

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    As Mussolini once told me, I was "Living in the stone age" because I love HoI2... well, Musso, I guess I evolved a bit didn't I? :D (Still love HoI2, just joking around a bit here.)

    My current campaign - to get myself back into the swing of things - is as USA. Most everything happened historically before 1939, except for the fact that the Reps won the Spanish Civil War... Hitler got Austria and Czechoslovakia pretty easily, invaded Poland, Norway, Low Countries, etc Conquered all of them, and is currently at war with the USSR. Brits are staking it out in N Africa, and I am in the war on their side.

    Currently it is early 1943 and FDR is still prez. I've held onto the Phillipines thus far as well as Wake Island and Guam, and have taken many of the Japanese pacific bases at Eniwetok, Yap, all of the Gilbert Islands. Currently planning an invasion of Saipan or perhaps the parts of the Phillipines that aren't under my control. Aussies took Pelelieu. Pushed the Japanese out of Bali before they could take over the entire Dutch East Indies, and am currently pushing them back into Siam from the Malaysian Peninsula... destroyed a TON of their armies there surprisingly. Siam is my puppet (I conquered them before the japanese got there, and then once they were my allies the Japanese conquered them :D ), so I am trying to take Bangkok while still providing some relief to the British, Bhutanese and Aussie forces fighting in Burma (the Japanese haven't gotten far at all. Brits still have Hong Kong and Singapore).

    In Europe I've invaded and taken over Sicily and parts of Southern Italy. It is rougher going here because the Axis threw their smaller allies here, the Hungarians, Rumanians, etc. so through sheer weight of numbers and the terrain I am being held up near Taranto. But once I get more mountain-able divisions I should be able to continue making offensives in this sector.

    Still no invasion of France, but the British are kicking Italian butt in North Africa with their Iraqi allies.

    In the Russian theatre the Germans have taken Leningrad ( :( ) but were stopped at Smolensk in the center and in the south, things went really bad for them. Originally they pushed as far as the Crimea but after that things fell apart. The Russians counterattacked and retook Kiev and pushed all the way to the Polish border. They are currently threatening to cut off the entire Central and Northern fronts from mainland Europe at this point.

    Other notes:
    - Nationalist China is Neutral, but the Japanese recently declared war on Communist China, who are now Allies.
    - LOTS of British underground cells in Poland with limited success.
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    Once you've completed a game in 'Vanilla', you should download the Black ICE mod. Adds a lot of events and new features/units to the game. Essentially the successor to the ICE Mod (best mod ever). Japan will likely kick your butt.

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