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Japanese Antitank Gun Casemate

Discussion in 'The War In The Pacific' started by Jim, Jul 13, 2012.

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    AT guns were provided with robust protection, knowing they would be subjected to heavy fire.This type of position, used from 1944, was built at ground level. It had a 6ft-thick reinforced concrete front with a stepped embrasure.The side and rear walls were 3ft thick and made of concrete bonded coral rock. An entrance, large enough for the 37mm Model 94 (1934) AT gun, was located in the side and an LMG embrasure protected the rear. The ceiling comprised 6-9in logs topped with corrugated sheet metal on which 3-5ft of cement and coral rock was laid.The poured concrete gave the casemate the appearance of having been "melted." Vegetation was planted on the roof and around the casemate. Up to 100 rounds of ammunition could be stowed in ready racks.


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