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Kilkenny's Youngest WW1 Casualty Remembered

Discussion in 'Military History' started by GRW, Oct 11, 2020.

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    Always good to see stuff like this.
    "A memorial has been unveiled in Kilkenny to remember Thomas Joseph Woodgate, one of the youngest military casualties of World War One.
    The monument is the latest of a number commissioned and organised by the Kilkenny War Memorial Group, remembering people from the area who died in the conflict between 1914-1918.
    Thomas Joseph Woodgate was from Callan in County Kilkenny, the son of Edward and Hanora Woodgate of Mill Street, and until recently it was assumed that he was 18 when he signed up to the Royal Air Force in late 1918.
    He died when on board the RMS Leinster on 10 October 1918, when it was torpedoed by a German submarine close to the Kish Lighthouse while on its way to Holyhead.
    Altogether, 501 lives were lost in that incident which occurred just a month before the end of the war.
    In recent years, while research was being carried out into the hundreds of people from the Kilkenny area who died during that war, it was discovered that Thomas Woodgate was actually 14 years of age when killed and had said he was 18 in order to be allowed join the RAF.
    "We're very proud of Thomas but a bit sad that he was just 14 when he died," grand-niece Joan Bryan said today.
    "The family thought he was 18 but then we found out he was 14. He was born on 31 December 1903 and Christened on the same day.
    "He’s buried in Grangegorman military cemetery in Dublin. We have been up there and there’s a new stone there now with 14 on it, it used to be 18 on it.""

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