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Major Robert E. Galer

Discussion in 'American WWII Medals and Awards' started by Jim, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Major Robert E. Galer United States Marine Corp ​



    For conspicuous heroism and courage above and beyond the call of duty as Leader of Marine Fighting Squadron 224 in aerial combat with enemy Japanese forces in the Solomon Islands Area, August-September 1942. Leading his squadron repeatedly in daring and aggressive raids against Japanese aerial forces, vastly superior in numbers,Major Galer availed himself of every favorable attack opportunity, individually shooting down 11 enemy bomber and fighteraircraft over a period of 29 days. Though suffering the extreme physical strain attendant upon protracted fighter operations at an altitude above 25,000 feet, the squadron under his zealous and inspiring leadership, shot down a total of 27 Japanese planes. His superb airmanship, his outstanding skill and personal valor reflect great credit upon Major Galer's gallant fighting spirit and upon the United States Naval Service.

    Grumman F4F-3A 'Wildcat' of the VMF-224, pilot Major Robert E. Galer, Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, August 1942...


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