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Myths of the Desert War in North Africa

Discussion in 'War In North Africa' started by Cabel1960, Jan 18, 2012.

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    One of the myths of the Desert War in North Africa was that German tanks consistently outgunned their British opponents. This was simply not true. Technically the British tanks had marginally better weapons, and the cause of the myth was rooted in the enemy’s sword-and shield tactics. The German tank commanders were adept at feigning a retreat that drew the British armour within range of an anti-tank gun screen. The screen might consist of dug-in towed guns or Panzerjager, which were obsolete or captured tank chassis with an anti-tank gun mounted in an armoured housing. Both outranged the British tank guns and often fought from concealed positions. Even if they spotted the screen, British tank crews were at a disadvantage as at this period their tanks only fired anti-tank rounds.


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