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Private James Maier

Discussion in 'British WWII Medals and Awards' started by Jim, Sep 6, 2010.

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    Private James Maier, Essex Scottish, in a day filled with incidents of heroism set a fine example of courage and initiative and soldierly leadership. Under heavy fire he engaged enemy positions with an L.M.G. Although wounded he persisted in his attack. Wounded a second time more seriously, he nevertheless used an Anti-tank rifle with telling effect against two posts which had defied small arms fire. Both of these he silenced. He continued to snipe successfully with this weapon until the time of withdrawal, when he collapsed from wounds and loss of blood. Believed to be dead, he was thrown overboard; but recovered and was picked up from the water by another craft. His actions throughout showed the highest devotion to duty and were an inspiration to his comrades.

    Private James Maier, Distinguished Conduct Medal Earned at Dieppe


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