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The leichte Panzerspahwagen SdKfz 222

Discussion in 'German Motorised Weapons' started by Jim, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Once in widespread service the SdKfz 222 proved to be a reliable and popular little vehicle. It served well in France during 1940, often racing far ahead of the following Panzer columns, and in North Africa the type proved itself to be a very useful reconnaissance vehicle, although somewhat restricted in its operational range by the amount of fuel that could be carried in the internal tanks, This restriction proved to be a problem during the invasion of the Soviet Union after 1941, to the extent that the SdKfz 222 was replaced by the SdKfz 250/9 halftrack mounting the same turret and used for the same role. In the west the SdKfz 222 continued in service until the end of the war, and in the Soviet Union the type was used for patrol duties in rear areas.
    The SdKfz 221 and SdKfz 222 were not the only armoured cars of their line. There was also the SdKfz 223, which could be recognized by a large frame aerial over the rear of the vehicle hull as the vehicle was used as a command and communications centre and carried only a single machine-gun. The SdKfz 260 was a long-range radio vehicle, used at higher command levels only, and the SdKfz 261 was similar.

    The leichte Panzerspahwagen SdKfz 222 is seen here in its usual form, armed with a 20-mm (0.787-in) cannon and MC 34 machine-gun. The wire mesh anti-grenade screen roof is in position. Note the tool and fuel can stowage and the number of stowage boxes on the exterior, as the interior was rather cramped.


    The SdKfz 247 was a personnel and stores carrier.
    The SdKfz 222 was exported in some numbers to China before 1939, and once there was adapted to take a wide range of armament that ranged from heavy machine-guns to light anti-tank guns. Numbers of SdKfz 22 Is were also sent to China.

    Specification: [​IMG]

    SdKfz 222
    Crew: 3
    Weight: (in action) 4.8 tonnes
    Length: overall 4.80m (14ft 8in)
    Width: 1.95 m (6ft 4in)
    Height: 2.00 m (6ft 6in) with grenade screen
    Engine: one Horch/Auto-Union V8-108 water-cooled petrol engine developing 81 hp (60 kW)
    Performance: maximum road speed 80 km/h (50 mph)
    maximum cross country speed 40 km/h (25 mph)
    road radius of action 300 km ( 187 miles)
    cross-country radius of action 180 km (110miles)

    On the left is a SdKfz 223 light communications vehicle with its large and distinctive frame aerial; on the right is a SdKfz 250/3 half track, a type of vehicle that proved more suited to service in the USSR.


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