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The Zec Controversy

Discussion in 'War44 General Forums' started by Dave War44, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Philip Zec was perhaps the most important of the political cartoonists during the war years. Over this time he produced more than fifteen hundred cartoons for the British newspaper the Daily Mirror - cartoons which heckled Hitler and championed the defiance of the British people at war.

    In March 1942, the Mirror published the following cartoon of Zec's - showing a torpedoed sailor clinging to a piece of wreckage - and the caption read:

    "The Price of Petrol Has Been Increased by One Penny - Official."


    This caused a violent reaction in some senior British Government figures, including Churchill, with Home Secretary Herbert Morrison for example saying the work was worthy:
    Questions were asked in parliament and an investigation was launched which very nearly closed the Daily Mirror down.

    Zec's original ideas for the caption, however, had been changed by one of his colleagues at the newspaper. The original captions read:

    Or, ​

    Years later, Zec forced an apology out of Morrison for branding him a traitor during the war.

    Philip Zec​


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