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U-Boat 85

Discussion in 'German U-Boats' started by Jim, Nov 10, 2007.

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    U-85 was a Type VII-B U-boat commanded by Oberleutnant zur See Eberhard Greger. The 85 had limited success on its three tours, and was out looking for more quarry when she was caught on the surface the night of 13 April 1942, off Oregon Inlet, North Carolina. The destroyer Roper surprised the 85, and she gave chase. The U-boat attempted to evade, firing torpedoes to thwart her pursuer. The Roper kept chase, and as the U-boat tried to turn inside the destroyer's course, opened fire on the panicked sub. Machine gun fire and 3 inch shells killed and injured many German sailors while crippling the U-boat. Intent on "shooting first, asking questions later," the Germans who abandoned ship were caught in the crossfire of guns and depth charges as the 85 sank stern-first into the Atlantic. The destroyer sealed the sub's fate by laying down several more depth charge runs on the sunken vessel. There were no survivors.

    Bodies of German victims of U-85 searched and photographed after been pulled from the Sea trying to escape the cross fire from the Roper.


    29 sailors from U-85 were buried Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, Virginia, with military honors, the evening of April 15, 1942. Fifty-two prisoners from Fort Monroe, Virginia prepared and later filled in the graves. At 2000, the burial service was read by the Catholic Chaplin, followed by the Protestant Chaplin. The firing party of 24 seamen fired three volleys, and Taps was sounded.


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