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WW2 Era Memorial Card for 4 American Servicemen Killed during the war.

Discussion in 'Death Cards' started by Heartfeltzero, Oct 9, 2022.

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    2EC6210D-3E64-4140-9929-5E5C80C9639A.jpeg The memorial card is dated May 27th 1945.

    The 4 members listed are:

    (Walter Donald Uffelman :
    Entered Service in March 1941
    Trained at Tampa Fla.
    Sent overseas September 1st 1942.
    Killed on October 29th 1942 due to low visibility when the B-24D Liberator No. 41-23712 he was on, attached to the 330th Bombardment Squadron, crashed in the marsh at Porlock killing 11 of the 12 crew. Buried at Brockwood, England.)

    (Warren Richard Ness :
    Entered Service in October 1943
    Trained at Fort McClellan, GA
    Sent overseas April 4, 1944
    Fatality wounded at the battle of Cherbourg, June 16, 1944.
    Buried in Saint Mere Eglise Cemetery)

    (Richard Trout Dreisbach :
    Trained at Camp Blanding, Fla.
    Sent overseas November 13. 1944
    He was onboard the SS LĂ©opoldville which was a passenger liner converted To a troopship. It was loaded with reinforcements for the battle of the Bulge. They were sailing from Southampton to Cherbourg when they were torpedoed and sunk by the U-486 on Decamber 24, 1944. About 750 allied soldiers were killed. He is Buried in Normandy)

    (Budd Harris Andrews :
    Entered the Service in July, 1942
    Tralned as pilot and received his commission at Albany, Ga. Nov. 20, 1944. He was with the 56th CCTS, 119th AAFBU, Morris Field, NC.
    He was Killed when his Douglas A-20 Bomber crashed after catching fire over Charlotte NC during a training mission on April 2, 1945. He feared that his plane would crash into homes, so he stayed aboard and refused the order to bail out, trying to crash the plane on a golf course, He cleared the last house in the Morningside neighborhood and crashed 20 feet short of a fairway. It was his last training flight before he was planned to be sent to Okinawa. His wife was pregnant at the time. Buried in Mt. Rose Cemetery, York, PA.)

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