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New monument in the The Netherlands for the 'Engelandvaarders'

Discussion in 'History of Holland and Belgium during World War I' started by MichaelBully, Jun 27, 2017.

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    Nov 4, 2016
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    Just seen that on 9th June 2017 a new monument to 'Engelandvaarders ', the men and women who escaped Occupied Netherlands by sea to Britain to fight for the Allies ,was unveiled at Katwijk :35 people from the district The majority failed, either by being captured or dying in the attempt . The monument depicts two figures paddling as if escaping by canoe.

    Rudi Hemmes, a 93 year old 'Engelandvaarders' was present for the ceremony and was interview by local media.

    The popularity of the musical 'Soldaat Van Oranje', based on Paul Van Hoeven's film of the same name from 1977, has renewed interest in the Dutch who escaped and joined the Allies: I haven't seen the musical, but in the film the lead character and a friend escape via getting on board a neutral ship.

    Engelandvaarders herdacht met monument in Katwijk

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